Testing the New Christmas Lens

Couldn’t believe Santa, (Santa named Herb), brought me a brand new, super, dooper, Canon 100-400mm II lens. After Christmas breakfast we headed out to Sierraville to test her out. It’s a big lens and hand […]

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Quiet Before the Storm

Sand Mountain is just off US Highway 50, known as the loneliest road in America. But Sand Mountain much of the year is anything but lonely. Hundreds of Nevadians flock to the playa in motorhomes, […]

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One More Look

  Every now and then I stumble on a file of raw images that I just never got around to thoroughly reviewing and every now and then I find the shot, a good shot. It […]

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One In a Million, Leopard Appaloosa

Hiking with family in Buckskin Gulch, a fancy cowboy on his even fancier horse rode up and struck up a conversation. Spot (the horse), as it turns out is a leopard appaloosa. One in a […]

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Lowrider Chevy Truck From the Evergreen State

What is it about murdered up cars, trucks, and motorcycles, they’re always owned by men with tattoos. The essence of cool? You have to admit it makes for a pretty cool photograph. These Washingtonians traveled […]

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Hellfire Rocketeers, some of our most memorable days, just happen

On our way back from Salt Lake City, we pulled off at the Bonneville Salt Flats to stretch our legs. To our delight it was Hellfire Week, hosted by the Utah Rocketeers. These rockets flew […]

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How to easily hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and climb back out without killing yourself.

At least once in your life, visit the Grand Canyon. Stand at the rim and gaze at the Colorado River deep within the walls of the canyon. Watch the sunset cast a glow on the […]

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This style of photography is referred to by several different names, camera painting and impressionism, to name a couple. I prefer impressionism because that’s what Michael Frye calls it and he grandfathered the technique. I […]

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Light painting with your flashlight. Bristlecone Under the Milky Way

  Ancient bristlecone pine under the Milky Way. These incredible trees make their home in the White Mountain Range. The range parallels the Sierra Nevada to the east of Owens Valley. Though the two ranges […]

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Aspen Art

The yellow of the leaves, blue of the sky and the brilliant white trunk of the aspens caught my eye. I framed my shot and with the shutter open I slowly and slightly moved the […]

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