my camera & eye


My Gear, My Eye


Treas& Camera resizedPhotography has given me the opportunity to share my love of nature and the outdoors. Everyday a single scene takes on a unique feel in the form of light, shadow, color, and movement.

Living in the mountains, one becomes more in tune with the four seasons. Each season cast its drama on the landscape like the stroke of a paint brush on canvas. All times of the year the weather is ever changing from sunlight, to thunderheads, snow, hail, wind, and aplenglow. These changes often poured out of the sky like a bucket of paint without warning or forecast.

A good photographer doesn’t just snap a picture. With my camera I try to capture not just the picture before me but the mood or drama that caught my eye as well as my mind. Once captured I release the scene to time and change, I call it catch and release.

The joy is to share what I felt. When you look into my photographs what do you see? Do you see what I see or does my photograph give rise to a feeling or a memory of a past experience of your own? I hope you look into my photographs, I would love to know what you see.